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Fundamentals Training for Galaxy® open for registration!

The Gateway Learning Solutions team is pleased to announce the official launch of Fundamentals Training for Galaxy®. The first session will take place on March 18-22, 2024.

Fundamentals Training for Galaxy® serves as the cornerstone of your Galaxy education. This course is designed for system administration users, and it will equip you with the essential knowledge of Galaxy® System’s capabilities, features, basic configurations, usage, best practices, and reporting features. You’ll gain this knowledge in a classroom environment alongside fellow Galaxy users, offering you a focused learning experience and the chance to network with industry peers and Gateway staff.

This is the essential course for system administrators, covering key aspects of the Galaxy® System in a classroom setting with fellow users for focused learning and networking opportunities.

Get ready to lay a solid foundation for your understanding of Galaxy Ticketing Solution and Guest Experience through our Fundamentals Training for Galaxy. This training is designed for system administrators and provides a classroom experience where you’ll learn alongside industry peers under the guidance of our Gateway instructors. You’ll also have individual virtual learning spaces to practice and reinforce best practices, with daily quizzes to track your progress and ensure your success.

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