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Galaxy Connect is a cloud-based platform that connects attractions with distributors, also known as online travel agents (OTA). This IAAPA Brass Ring Award platform allows OTAs to seamlessly sell live, gate-ready tickets for attractions all over the world to guests in real time.

For Attraction Suppliers:

  • Issue live tickets – that pull directly from live inventory. No more paper vouchers. Guests have a ticket delivered to their inbox and direct-to-gate access for general admission and capacity-managed events.
  • Streamline your integrations – to get you up and running with multiple third-party distributors quickly with just one integration. See the certified distributors you can partner with right now.
  • Save Time – by eliminating paper vouchers, saving your staff countless hours of manual processing and allowing for faster reconciliation with OTAs.
  • Expand Your Marketing Reach – by meeting your guests where they shop – online on OTA websites. Plus, by partnering with distributors, you benefit from the marketing they themselves do for your listing.

For Distributors:

  • Sell live tickets – with direct-to-gate access. Forget paper vouchers and give your customers the most seamless experience possible.
  • Streamline your integrations – to get sales channels up and running with multiple attraction suppliers with just one integration.
  • Give Your Customers What They Want – by selling admission tickets to local, national and global attractions on your platform, ensuring they aren’t using a competitor site to buy them.
  • Join a Growing Community – of certified Galaxy Connect distributors. See the distributors we already work with.

USS Midway Museum

– System Administrator

We wanted to connect to the wholesalers directly, but they either weren’t capable or willing to build a custom API. We considered building these APIs in-house, but we didn’t have the right technical knowledge or resources.

USS Midway Museum

– System Administrator

It just makes more sense to have one API with multiple people using it. Connect has so much potential and we’re excited to see what will roll out in the future.

USS Midway Museum

– Sales Manager

Connect has saved us 40-50 hours a month in reconciling vouchers, and we saw about a 20% bump in sales with our largest distributors when we started using the platform.

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