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Holiday Hits

Wishing you a happy, healthy and peaceful holiday season!

Did you really want to buy a copy? We don’t have them available for sale … yet.

But if you want to sing along? Here are the lyrics to your favorite Gateway Holiday Hits.

Gateway Holiday Hits

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Galaxy
The Product Managers

It’s beginning to look a lot like Galaxy.
Everywhere you go.

Santa Baby
The Kiosk Machine

Santa Baby, slip a kiosk under the tree for me

Fraudster Arresters

We’re stopping fraud in the city

Hark the Boca Printer Zings
The Ticketeers

Hark the Boca printers zing.
Helping guests with holiday flings.

Bob the Red-Nosed Hardware Guy
The Procurers

Bob the Red-Nosed Hardware Guy
Is a very hands-on man

Oh Come All Ye Customers

Oh come all ye customers
Joyful and triumphant
Oh come ye, oh come ye to U-G-M

My Favorite Things
Quality Assurancers

QA on software and automated testing
Writing release notes and finalizing coding
SQL and Delphi all in a string
These are a few of my favorite things

Fridge Full of Beer
The Code Stringers

One seems to hear
Fridge full of beer
From everywhere
Filling the air

Christmas Song
Andre and the Chipmunks

Galaxy, Galaxy time is near
Time for sales and time for cheer

Silly Vouchers
Galaxy Connectors

Visitors waiting, give us your tickets
Don’t mess around with silly vouchers
Galaxy Connect will save you money
No manual processing for many hours
Give live tickets to the little girls and boys

Special credits:
Music: Michael Marks, technical support analyst, and Justin Fava, business solutions manager
Vocals: Justin Fava and Leena Devlin, configuration management specialist
Video production: Martin Binder, senior developer, and Kimberly Weidman, marketing manager
Lyrics: Kimberly Weidman, Danielle Parker, instructional designer, and Kelly Andre, happiness advocate

Cast in order of appearance:

Santa Claus
Jamie Flaherty, business solutions supervisor
Bill Post, product manager
Dorlisa Feldkircher, technical support analyst
Donna Walp, marketing coordinator
Justin Fava, business solutions manager
Chad Wallace, business solutions manager
Bob Parfet, staging technician
Christine Hodes, manual test engineer
Emily Branson, manual test engineer
Brett Guldin, associate graphic designer
Jerry Lake, integration manager
Hannah Carper, customer care coordinator
Brandon Carper, learning solutions supervisor
Alvin aka Melanie Williams, contracts manager
Simon aka Wes Hillen, maunal test engineer
Theodore aka Loren Varney, human resources generalist
Kimberly Weidman, marketing manager
Michael Marks, technical support analyst
David Immendorf, technical support analyst
Kelly Andre, happiness advocate

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