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Our Trusted Global Partner Resellers

Gateway Ticketing Systems serves the global community from our headquarters in Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania and offices in Calgary, Canada and central London. We also work through trusted partner resellers across the world. These partners sell, install and support Galaxy at attractions in specific global regions.

If you are interested in learning more about Galaxy and one of our partners serves your region, please click the button below and fill out the form. We will connect you with that partner within 24 hours. Even if we don’t have a partner in your region, fill out the form and you will likely work directly with someone at Gateway in the US, Canada or UK office.

Region: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Greenland
Partner: Accessdata
Primary Contact: Klaus Skaarup
Connect with Accessdata  › ›


Region: Central and Southern Africa
Partner: Apollo Instrumentation
Primary Contact: Charles Penprase
Connect with Apollo Instrumentation  › ›


Region: Germany, Switzerland, Austria
Partner: Avance-Pay
Primary Contact: Peter Nicoleit
Connect with Avance-Pay  › ›


Region: Mexico, Caribbean, Central and South America
Partner: GA Tech
Primary Contact: Rogelio Acevedo
Connect with GA Tech  › ›


Region: Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and Balkans
Partner: Mti Systems Ltd
Primary Contact: Nicole Thomadakis
Connect with MTI  › ›


Region: East and Southeast Asia
Partner: Ordell
Primary Contact: Willy Goh
Connect with Ordell  › ›


Region: MENA, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh
Partner: Prologic First
Primary Contact: Amit Sharda
Connect with Prologic First  › ›


Region: Malta
Partner: SG Solutions
Primary Contact: Elton Azzopardi
Connect with SG Soutions  › ›


Region: Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands
Partner: V-Ticket
Primary Contact: Clare Coyne
Connect with V-Ticket  › ›

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