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Galaxy Connect

Open Up More Sales Opportunities with Galaxy Connect

Most likely you’ve been charged with finding additional ways to increase your venue’s attendance. One way more and more attractions are looking to do this is by building relationships with third-party distributors.

But there are a couple of challenges with the traditional way these relationships are formed and handled.

  • Paper vouchers – most distributors provide vouchers to customers which means they have to stand in line at your venue and exchange their paper voucher for a live ticket, resulting in a less-than-ideal guest experience
  • Costly and time-intensive integration – for each distributor you want to work with, you have to build a one-off integration which takes away your IT resources from other tasks

Our new cloud-based platform, Galaxy Connect, eliminates these challenges, enabling you to sell live tickets through any number of online travel agencies with only one integration.

With Galaxy Connect, you’ll discover benefits including:

  • Issuance of live tickets – guests will enjoy direct-to-gate access for general admission and capacity-managed events
  • No more paper vouchers – saving your staff countless hours of manual processing and allowing for faster reconciliation with online travel agencies
  • Streamlined integration – to get you up and running with multiple third-party distributors quickly


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