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InvestmentMAX Site Assessment: Helping You Evaluate Where You Are and Where You Want Your Business to Go

Part of growing your operations is taking the time to step back and pause from the way you’ve always been doing things and get a fresh perspective.

Our InvestmentMAX site assessment provides you with a holistic view of how your business is running, from operations to configuration, data collection to interfaces and functionality. We send 1-2 consultative experts to your site to provide a strategic and tactical review of your operations and revenue generating potential. We then leverage our 30+ years of experience and subject matter expertise to develop an actionable improvement plan based on insights from similar attractions around the world to help you get the maximum benefit out of your investment in Galaxy.

Your InvestmentMAX site assessment includes:

A small sampling of Galaxy functionality and related business processes we can evaluate includes:

  • General Configuration and Implementation Protocols
  • Data management and Resource management
  • Chart of accounts and access codes
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence
  • Third-party sales
  • How to identify and address potential issues before they become major concerns
  • How to increase communication between siloed departments
  • How to uncover and improve inefficient departmental processes that need updating
  • How to learn Galaxy best practices, particularly if you don’t have an expert Galaxy administrator

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