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Galaxy Demo on February 24: Contingencies, What-ifs & Effective Communication

Updated: March 18, 2021 | Share on LinkedIn

We’ve all transitioned into 2021 with the experiences and learnings from 2020 under our belt. And we also know that we’ll probably never entirely return to what was ‘normal’ before COVID.

So while last year we were scrambling to react to the unexpected, we now have some best practices (and time to implement them) to help influence our ticketing, operations and guest experience holistically in the future.

So that’s what our team will be showing you during this demonstration of our Galaxy Ticketing & Guest Experience solution. We’re all preparing for a busy season during a pandemic… but Galaxy and the Gateway team can help turn uncertainty into operational and communication successes for your organization with a little preparation and planning. We’ll show you how Galaxy can help you develop contingencies, plan for the what-ifs, and give you the power to effectively re-engage with your members/passholders, groups and traditional guests through effective and timely communication.

This demo is for you, if:

    • You work for an attraction considering Galaxy…
    • You are currently dissatisfied with the feature set and functionality of your current ticketing solution…
    • Or, you just want to stay on top of the ticketing and guest experience options out there…

And as always, our current Galaxy users are more than welcome to join the demo for a refresher on the robust functionality that is already available to you.


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