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Managed Services

Whether you want to launch an online store to sell tickets or need backup assistance while your system administrator is on vacation, having access to technical experts provides peace of mind. With 35+ years’ experience in ticketing and admission control, our Galaxy software experts can provide invaluable insights that take your projects to the next level, save time and improve your overall operations.

Professional Services

If you’re embarking on a new project, every step in the process is most likely new to you. But at Gateway, we’ve been helping customers around the world implement similar initiatives for 35+ years. The efficiencies that we learned through these experiences can greatly benefit your projects. We can share best practices and industry trends, help you set up efficient workflows and decide other key factors throughout your project implementation.

Web Store Fraud Protection

Selling tickets online can provide a profitable revenue stream to your venue and a great convenience to your guests who can skip long lines and head straight to the gate. Yet ensuring online sales are legitimate and not the result of fraud has become more and more complex. This is why we offer the eGalaxy Fraud Protection Service to our customers who have an eGalaxy Web Store with us.

Hosting & Load Balancing

When your customers want to purchase tickets online, they expect a secure and reliable experience. We’ve designed a range of hosting plans that provide you and your customers with dependable service even during periods of high demand such as a unique marketing promotion.

Global Resellers

Gateway Ticketing Systems serves the global community from our headquarters in Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania and offices in Calgary, Canada and central London. We also work through trusted resellers across the world. These resellers sell, install and support Galaxy at attractions in specific global regions.