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Technical and Industry Expertise When You Need It

Whether you want to launch an online store to sell tickets or need backup assistance while your system administrator is on vacation, having access to technical experts provides peace of mind. With 35+ years’ experience in ticketing and admission control, our Galaxy software experts can provide invaluable insights that take your projects to the next level, save time and improve your overall operations.

Some of these services include

  • System administrator assistance – when your technical point person is on vacation or leave, we can seamlessly pick up essential duties to keep you running at peak efficiency
  • System configuration – need help setting up new tickets or events, or want to expand your point-of-sale system? Our Galaxy experts can streamline the process for you.
  • Online sales channels – if you’re looking to expand your sales channels with a web store or offering groups the ability to manage their reservation online, we can help you design your site and get it up and running quicker
  • Upgrade help – depending on the size and complexity of your operations, you might want our assistance during your upgrade process; because of our experience helping other customers, we can ensure a smooth transition to newer software versions
  • Database administrator help – the integrity of your database ensures the strength of your system, our experts can help you with:
    • SQL server health check
    • Maintenance routines
    • Integrity checks
    • Index maintenance
    • SQL backups
    • SQL performance assistance

What’s a Database Health Check?

It’s a remote examination of a customer’s SQL Server to determine gaps in the implementation and possible pain points in terms of performance and configuration. Data is collected using a variety of SQL Server and Windows tools, along with lightweight SQL Server Extended Events sessions and is analyzed by us. From there, we give customers a prioritized list of action items to help optimize the performance of their SQL Server setup. Customers can contact their Customer Success Manager for assistance with requesting this service.