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Revolutionizing the Ticketing Industry for 35+ Years

Gateway Ticketing Systems currently employs more than 170 employees, including software developers, technical experts, IT resources, project managers, customer service representatives and other professionals in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. Its robust Galaxy® solution integrates ticketing, admission control, resource management, group sales, online ticketing sales, retail, food and beverage, membership/pass/donor management, plus reporting and CRM. Gateway also provides strategic consultation, service, and support for attractions throughout North America and worldwide.

Gateway initially operated as a division of the mid-Atlantic regional consulting company, Merion Software Associates, managed by Peter Grumblatt and a business partner. Grumblatt’s involvement with Globe Ticket Company on a customized ticketing project for New Jersey Transit sparked his ambition to create an improved ticketing system. One of his remarkable accomplishments involved crafting a PC-based ticketing system that allowed operators to manage their own ticketing product configuration and sales accounting. He developed and shared a prototype with clients such as Howard University, Gray Line New York Tour, Bonanza Bus Lines, and Greyhound Lines of Canada. This helped him establish one of the earliest systems of its kind within the first two years. These experiences led the Company to evolve from a small tech firm to an inventive provider of a result-oriented, revenue-generating ticketing platform, providing a revolutionary technological advancement to the U.S. intercity bus industry. The Company conducted a significant amount of its early work in a small outbuilding in Grumblatt’s backyard, which the previous property owner used as a chicken coop.

“Looking back, it’s incredible to see how much we achieved in the early days of our bus ticketing venture. Our passion for technology and the belief that anything was possible drove us forward,” said Gateway Ticketing Systems, Inc. President and CEO Michael Andre. “Though we had ambitious goals, we never could have imagined our platform’s impact on so many companies and families today. It’s gratifying to know that our work has helped create unforgettable experiences and profitable opportunities for others.”

Gateway Ticketing Systems, Inc. was incorporated on July 8, 1988, by Grumblatt in Boyertown, Pennsylvania. The company quickly outgrew its humble “chicken coop” beginnings. Grumblatt, along with Michael Andre and Darryl Moser, who were already collaborating with him on Merion Software Associates projects, spearheaded Gateway Ticketing Systems’ growth. They expanded their software services beyond bus lines and into various industries, such as theme parks, attractions, museums, zoos, and aquariums, resulting in successful business development.

In 1998, as the Company expanded, Grumblatt appointed Michael Andre as its president. Under Andre’s leadership, Gateway became known for its long-standing dedication to innovation and excellent customer service.

“Innovation goes beyond just developing cutting-edge solutions; it involves providing customers with exceptional experiences,” said Andre. “At Gateway, we believe in the potential of innovation to transform our industry while also recognizing that exceptional customer service is the key to long-term success.”

The Company remains at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry by investing in research and development. Gateway’s impact on the attractions industry is noteworthy, and its services have positively influenced guest satisfaction and revenue generation for over 500 clients worldwide.