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Facilitate Staff Training and Cross-Promotion

Your business relies on the services you offer your guests, but your revenue stream is primarily based on ticketing, membership, food and beverage and retail. By integrating these revenue sources into a single system, you can gain valuable insights and benefits for your entire organization.

  • Fast & Flexible Staffing – By only learning one point-of-sale system, employees can move seamlessly from the front gate to your eateries to serve customers.
  • Gain visibility into per-capita spending – Track guest spending from ticketing to food sales and retail purchases.
  • Gather business intelligence – Make informed business decisions, including developing robust cross-promotions.
  • Develop effective loyalty programs – Determine guest preferences to target programs specific to their wants and needs.

Our Galaxy food and beverage point-of-sale solution features:

  • Simple interface – A full-color graphical menu makes it easy to quickly add items to an order, including customization of menu items such as holding pickles or adding onions.
  • Quick sales and discounting – Via touchscreen, barcode scan, guest membership or keyboard entry.
  • Suspend transaction – Pause a transaction for any reason and pick it back up at a later point.
  • Flexible price scheduling – Set up and manage your food prices based on day and time.
  • Combination tickets – Guests can enjoy the convenience of one ticket that provides their admittance, a meal and even a special souvenir.

Streamline Employee Training and Effectively Cross-Promote

Improve operational efficiency by using one point-of-sale system for ticketing, food and beverage, and retail sales.

  • Easier staff training – Employees only have to learn one point-of-sale system, making it easy to move around your facility based on guest demand.
  • Accurate per-capita tracking – Capture your revenue-generating data in one system to easily report on guest spending.
  • Informed business decisions – Arm your team with comprehensive data to develop more effective promotions.

Our Galaxy retail point-of-sale solution features:

  • Customizable interface – Empower cashiers to serve guests faster with a customizable touchscreen.
  • Efficient sales and discounting – Can be completed with the push of a button, barcode scan or keyboard entry.
  • Back-office configuration – Enables you to quickly apply changes across all point-of-sale terminals.