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Recorded Webinar from 7 July, 2021: Galaxy Connect – What It Is & How To Get Onboard

Updated: March 18, 2022 | Share on LinkedIn

Recorded Webinar for UK and European Galaxy Users and Travel Partners from Wednesday the 7th of July. 

Online ticket sales have become the norm in our COVID world, and even after the attractions industry has fully rebounded in the UK and Europe, online sales will likely play a larger role in your sales mix than it had prior to the pandemic. Moving forward, it will be important to expand your online reach and online sales channels to stay relevant with your guests.

Galaxy Connect is a ready-made opportunity to do just that. By using the Galaxy Connect platform to sell your tickets through online travel agencies (OTAs), you open up numerous new online sales channels and benefit from the marketing that these platforms do themselves to promote their listings. In this webinar, we delivered a high-level overview of Galaxy Connect and how to onboard it. But we also dove deeper into the OTAs that are already available to partner with in the UK and European markets, and showed you some real time data of how Connect is being used to increase sales and exposure.

We recorded the webinar and you can watch it here.


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