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Webinar April 29: Re-Creating Trust With Your Guests & Re-Training Your Team

Updated: May 1, 2020 | Share on LinkedIn

Recorded Webinar from April 29, 2020

The promise of a safe, seamless and fun guest experience has a new meaning in a post-COVID world, as guests (and even your employees) put a much heavier demand on your attraction to provide the extra safety measures and experience alterations that ensure they don’t get sick. On April 29, we held a webinar that addressed best practices for communicating your current and new safety and cleanliness procedures to your guests, and also re-training your staff to adhere to these procedures.

We were joined by an engaging panel of industry experts, including Josh Liebman and Matt Heller from the Attraction Pros Podcast to discuss what you could be doing right now to address this. They discussed alongside Gateway customers and our Gateway experts how to communicate changes to your guests and how to keep a pulse on their opinions. They also dove into how to work with your current, furloughed, or laid-off staff to ensure they understand how important they are to the safety process and how their actions can make or break the experience.

You can also download the PowerPoint slides from the webinar right here.

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