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Selling tickets online can provide a profitable revenue stream to your venue and a great convenience to your guests who can skip long lines and head straight to the gate.

Yet ensuring online sales are legitimate and not the result of fraud has become more and more complex.

Fraudulent online orders of easy-to-resell attractions tickets can cost venues up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Then there are chargebacks fees and the countless manpower hours spent investigating and managing the chargeback process.

This is why we offer the eGalaxy Fraud Protection Service to our customers who have an eGalaxy Web Store with us.

110 data points keep fraudsters out

From IP addresses and delivery methods to billing/shipping contacts and web user login information, eGalaxy Fraud Protection Service evaluates 110 points of data from any eGalaxy order in a fraction of a second to compile a transactional fraud score.

Easy onboarding and implementation process

Gateway will work with you to determine fraud thresholds for your venue based on your historical transactional data. Based on these thresholds, transactions will go through seamlessly, from the guest’s perspective, if approved and sent through to your payment processor. If a transactional score is above your defined threshold, the transaction is denied and the customer is directed to call in for order assistance.

Monitor in real time

With access to a web portal, you’ll be able to see in real time your fraud protection in action, access dashboards and run reports on fraud findings.

West Edmonton Mall

– Senior Accountant

Before this fraud service, we spent anywhere from 15-30 minutes responding to each chargeback. That was easily a 45-hour work week. Now we can monitor activity in real time and watch out for changing trends to stay ahead of determined fraudsters.

West Edmonton Mall

– Senior Accountant

We initially projected a loss of $80,000 this year because of fraudulent online transactions. But with this service in place, our online sales volume is back up to 10% of our total sales and with zero fraud.

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