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Elevate Your Membership Experience

When a guest becomes a member of your organization, Galaxy can help you deliver extra-special service. It can function as a standalone membership management system or integrate with other fundraising and donor management systems.

Developed to provide a better guest experience and enhance your operations, our membership offering includes:

  • Flexible membership cards – Ticket stock, card stock, or digital membership cards with Galaxy’s membership system. You can fulfill membership however it is most convenient to you and your member.
  • Joint or single memberships – Create the membership program that fits your needs.
  • Photo IDs – Boost your security without asking members for photo IDs by integrating memberships with sales and access control solutions to verify member photos.
  • Efficient data capture – Member information captured at the time of sale automatically syncs with a compatible CRM or donor management system.
  • Easy member tracking – Run reports to track member spending, develop effective promotions, and notify them when it’s renewal time.
  • Redemption of member benefits –One card can hold all of a member’s entitlements for use at the front gate, retail shops, and/or your food and beverage facilities.

Guests can self-manage much of their membership via the Online Member Portal

The Online Member Portal lets guests manage their membership accounts through a one-stop online shop, enabling you to target your members with key marketing messages. The Online Member Portal offers the following competitive features:

  • Entitlement management – Passholders can redeem entitlements, like meal vouchers or event tickets, and add new entitlements onto their pass to avoid having to carry around a separate piece of media.
  • Digital card access – Passholders can retrieve and display their pass from their phone for admission or download their pass to their Apple Wallet.
  • Customizable content – Each page of the Online Member Portal can display custom content, so you can create personalized, on-brand pages for your pass holders.
  • Membership management – Passholders can update their demographic data, add a new membership to their account, or renew for next year without the need for staff at Member Services.

Utah’s Hogle Zoo

– Guest Services Manager

We are now able to issue membership cards on the spot, making the entire process more efficient for us and seamless for the guest.

The Strong National Museum of Play

– Director of Guest Services

Gateway’s robust features and capabilities, particularly with admissions and membership processes, add additional benefits to not only our museum guests, but for our staff as well.

Utah’s Hogle Zoo

– Guest Services Manager

If a membership lapses, the membership barcode expires through Galaxy admission control, which makes monitoring lapsed memberships at the front gate a breeze.

Reuben H. Fleet Science Center

– Chief Operating Officer

We were very deliberate in our selection process to make sure the winning solution would address our specific needs including resource management, membership, retail, and food and beverage. Gateway held the lead in functionality.

Utah’s Hogle Zoo

– Guest Services Manager

Gateway Ticketing Systems has helped us remain on the cutting edge of admission, membership, attraction, and event sales and services.

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