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Take your reporting to the next level

Access to accurate and up-to-date reports is crucial for your daily operations and long-term strategic planning. With Reporting Plus | Powered by Galaxy, you can easily access all the necessary information. This includes tracking sales by order, analyzing the impact of promotions on revenue, comparing issued tickets with used tickets in your daily attendance reports, and much more.

Reporting Plus | Powered by Galaxy is a comprehensive solution that combines transactional data from point-of-sale, membership, and admission control systems to offer a suite of standard reports that can be accessed from your desktop or mobile browser. This solution also simplifies the process of creating custom reports.

You can export your reports in various formats and even set up automated report delivery to ensure that your key team members receive the information they need promptly and efficiently.

Get actionable data into the hands of every department:

  • Visitor/guest services – Details on sales, attendance and new members/pass holders.
  • Operations team – Produce detailed shift reports; detect fraud through tools such as void reports.
  • Marketing – Demographic reports through zip code; consolidated survey reports; usage of promotions.

Put Business Intelligence to work at your venue

Through a partnership with NetServ Applications, you can leverage powerful BI tools to further your business objectives. The preconfigured reporting portal runs off the Reporting Plus data mart and offers:

  • A user-friendly experience;
  • Larger library of available reports;
  • Custom dashboards;
  • Mobile viewing;
  • Secure administrative control;
  • Ability to include data from other applications;
  • Custom report creation.

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