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An Inside Look at Customer Service

Updated: November 26, 2018 | Share on LinkedIn

by John Wiskowski, Senior Manager, Customer Service

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Just like you consistently look to refine processes to deliver the best guest experience at your venue, we are doing the same. In addition to enhancing our customer care processes to best handle your needs, we are launching our new Gateway Customer Portal over the next two months.

Our Customer Portal will feature a new suite of self-service tools including:

    • New Support Desk, coming later this month
      Submit and track your requests online
      Ability for customers and the Gateway team to comment directly on requests for improved communication
      Provide feedback upon closure of support requests
    • New Knowledge Base, coming later this month
      Find quick answers in new troubleshooting guides
      Search all Galaxy software configuration manuals instantly
    • Existing Learning Portal
      See in-depth configuration walkthroughs
      Try end-user simulations
      Register your team for training and monitor their progress
    • New Customer Community, debuting at this year’s North American Galaxy User Group Meeting (UGM)
      Easily connect with other Galaxy users to get advice, share best practices and more

What happens when a customer calls or sends an email to Customer Support?

All emails and calls to our support line (610-987-4002) go directly to our Level 1 technical support, which is a team comprised of customer service representatives (CSR). They are available to answer questions, provide configuration assistance and troubleshoot problems.

Depending on the customer request, they will route the matter to other Gateway team members, including our Level 2 technical support team of technical support analysts, for resolution. We also have specialized global teams, if needed, that can handle Level 3 technical support.

How does Gateway prioritize requests?

We have three priority levels: standard, urgent and emergency. There are a variety of criteria that determine the assigned level. In general terms, standard requests impact a small number of staff or customers but not in a significant way and with minimal to no financial impact. Urgent requests affect a moderate number of staff or guests, and has moderate financial impact but generally can be handled through workaround processes. While emergency requests affect large number of staff or customers and have wider financial implications. Examples of emergencies include turnstiles that aren’t admitting guests or a web store that’s down.

In addition to these priority categories, we further define requests by service type. These are:

  • Assistance – generally customer questions about operation or configuration of the software. These issues can often be resolved by sharing documentation or training.
  • Service request – set up or configure any supported software or hardware.
  • Incident – for any issues which cause an unplanned interruption in the operation of supported software or hardware. Something isn’t working properly, but via workaround, configuration or other correction action, can be resolved.
  • Defect – for any issues which require a code change to resolve.

Who is Gateway’s 24x7x365 support for?

When it’s an emergency, every Gateway customer – regardless of Premier Support Tier level – should call our customer service line immediately for assistance at 610-987-4002.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, what else is Gateway doing to improve customer service?

Command Center

In March, we launched our new Command Center. Within both a physical and virtual environment, employees from across Gateway form a rapid response team for critical issue resolution. The Command Center is also used to support our employees in the field and/or be at the ready for customers who are going live with Galaxy.

Customer Service Leadership Team

We now have a three-person customer service leadership team. This group is supported by a fully engaged management team. Collectively, we are focused on key metrics to minimize request resolution time. We’ve also enhanced our internal onboarding process and associated training including relevant technical certifications.

Cross-Departmental Collaboration

Our Customer Service, Managed Services, Delivery Services and Product teams meet several times a week to review the state of all current requests. Additionally, we now have regularly scheduled maintenance releases to deliver solutions to our customers faster.

Gateway is committed to customer care and delivering a world-class experience to every customer, ever time.

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