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Best of Webinar Wednesdays: Highlights From an Award-Winning Webinar Series

Published: October 27, 2020 | Share on LinkedIn

Since March, we’ve hosted Webinar Wednesdays: an award-winning series where attractions professionals tell us how they’re delivering their best guest experience despite coronavirus.

We’ve had 83 of your contemporaries share accounts of how they’re navigating COVID at their attraction. From a nine-cent stylus saving thousands of dollars, to using the words ‘High Touch Area’ instead of ‘Don’t Touch’ on signage, we’ve learned what it means to be a successful venue in the new normal (all while being interrupted by kids, peacocks, poor reception in a battleship and more than enough mute button faux pas).

But here we are, sharing our favorite clips from Webinar Wednesdays to educate you, encourage you and entertain you. Thanks for watching!

To register for upcoming Webinar Wednesdays, head to the webinars section of our site.

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