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Case Study: Galaxy Certification Program for your Current System Administrator

Updated: December 7, 2021 | Share on LinkedIn

West Edmonton Mall is a 5.3-million-square-foot entertainment complex. Alongside
its stores and restaurants, there are nine attractions including an amusement park,
waterpark and underground aquarium. For 23 years, the Mall has used Gateway
Ticketing Systems’ Galaxy software to run their attractions operations, making it
imperative that the Mall employ a strong staff of system administrators.

West Edmonton Mall would periodically upgrade to the latest version of Galaxy to
access the software’s new features and functions. However, the impact of these
features on their guest experience depended on their system administrator’s ability
to successfully support them. “Even though I’m confident in my knowledge of Galaxy,
I’m not confident that I know everything about every module that Galaxy has to offer,”
says David Lee, Senior Accountant at West Edmonton Mall.

David enrolled Breanne Allan, their current Galaxy System Administrator, into
the Galaxy Certification Program. Throughout the program, Breanne learned best
practices for base configuration in the core Galaxy modules and the eGalaxy Web
Store. The program curriculum also included self-paced courses for independent
learning in addition to guidance from a Galaxy certified instructor. She was provided
with a training environment to complete industry-related configuration scenarios,
which allowed for practice that did not impact live operation.

“Whether you are new to Galaxy or a seasoned pro, I highly recommend the Galaxy
Certification Program to everyone,” says Breanne. “You learn how to effectively
configure and use the features of Galaxy by ACTUALLY doing it. You get one-on-one
review periods of your configuration with the instructor so you can ask additional
questions and get the answers you need.”

With successful results on the configuration-based exam at the end of the program,
managers are assured their system administrator can complete core configuration
for a Galaxy-supported operation. We support continued learning with a one-year
subscription to all self-paced courses offered from Gateway.

Even as an experienced system administrator, Breanne found the Galaxy Certification
Program made her more confident and efficient with her job responsibilities. “The
Galaxy Certification Program really helped to reaffirm the knowledge that I already
had, provided me with a better understanding of WHY things needed to be configured
in certain ways, and provided me with knowledge about Galaxy features and functions
that I didn’t even know were possible.”

Since completing the Program, Breanne has become a go-to person when implementing
new programs and offers at West Edmonton Mall. “Whenever someone asks, “can this
be done”, Breanne is able to at least confirm if she’s seen this exact thing or something
similar during her program,” David explains. “We are then able to review the features
and collaborate on a solution.” And as Breanne elaborates: “Being certified also helps
you identify and report issues to Gateway Ticketing Systems in a manner that helps the
Support Desk team understand your issues so they can be resolved quickly.”

Interested in enrolling your new or current System Administrator into our Galaxy Certification course?

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