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Case Study: PAR EverServ 7200 | Fort Worth Zoo

Updated: November 8, 2016 | Share on LinkedIn

Founded in 1909, Fort Worth Zoo is the oldest continuous zoo site in Texas and has achieved such recognition as being ranked the No. 5 zoo in the nation by USA Travel Guide, the Best Zoo in Texas by Yahoo! Travel and the No. 1 attraction in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex by Zagat Survey U.S. Family Travel Guide. Since 1997, the Zoo has partnered with Gateway Ticketing Systems for its ticketing and admission control solutions and, in 2001, unified its retail and food & beverage operations with Galaxy point-of-sale software, utilizing PAR point-of-sale hardware.

Fort Worth Zoo was using 60 PAR POS terminals in its venue that were approximately 15 years old. To implement a large-scale software upgrade and hardware refresh, which included the need for Windows 7 compatible terminals, Gateway and PAR partnered to develop the right solution and implementation plan for the zoo’s high volume, oftentimes extreme heat, and retail and food & beverage operations.

PAR 7200 Forth Worth ZooTHEIR SOLUTION
Fort Worth Zoo deployed PAR EverServ® 7200 terminals to run Gateway’s Galaxy® point-of-sale software throughout their retail and food & beverage locations. The PAR EverServ7200 is durable and powerful enough to satisfy their high-volume needs yet economical enough to meet their budget requirements.

The long-term partnership between Gateway and PAR enabled them to provide the Fort Worth Zoo with the most affordable solution while still meeting all their functionality and operational needs. Additionally, the Zoo is now looking at other ways to unleash the full potential of its Galaxy software. “In 2015, we attended the Gateway User Group Meeting and now we have big plans and a solid vision for our future,” says DJ Girault, Director of Information Technology, who plans to integrate the education department’s efforts into Galaxy and revamp the membership experience.

“PAR terminals are reliable, evidenced by the nearly 15-year life cycle of our previous units. We give ours a fairly good workout between hot summers and their being in the elements year-round. We know that they will deliver high performance for a long time to come.”
                – DJ Girault, Director of Information Technology| Fort Worth Zoo, Texas

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