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In Customer Service Matters – Make It Personal

Updated: November 26, 2018 | Share on LinkedIn

by John Wiskowski, Senior Manager, Customer Service

As a customer service provider, it is important to remember that it all starts with you. We all remember the worst service experiences we’ve encountered. Some of us also remember the best ones. Use those personal experiences to drive the service you and your teams provide.

Share your stories with one another. Listen for what got others excited or outraged about their experiences. Think about what had similar impacts on you.

Apply those thoughts and feelings to any existing service challenges you are facing. Find solutions that make you feel comfortable to not only provide but also to receive if you were in your customers’ shoes.

After implementing new processes and standards, try to experience them yourself. Seek input from family and friends. How did they feel about the enhanced experience? Hopefully, positive impacts are felt. If not, don’t worry: just revisit your feelings and try again.

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