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Gateway Is Proud to Announce An Upgraded Integration with Go City

Updated: December 13, 2023 | Share on LinkedIn

Go City is excited to announce Gateway Ticketing System as its latest connectivity and integration partner. Implementing Direct Connect – which streamlines the customer journey by automating pass validation, and Go Reserve – which allows Go City customers to make reservations directly in the app, this partnership is making a big difference for dozens of attractions and their visitors.

We sat down with Tom Chiarella, Gateway’s EVP and Head of Product, to discuss the impact of this partnership and the potential it has for the attractions industry.

Go City: Why is connectivity and integration so important for the attractions industry right now?
Tom Chiarella: Our attraction operators want to ensure incredible guest experiences where the ticketing and admissions process are more or less transparent to guests. The most memorable part of visiting an attraction should be the intricate exhibits or unforgettable tour given by a passionate operator – not how they had to go to guest services to scan a pass or wait in a different line to access the attraction while other guests moved through access control effortlessly. By leveraging connected solutions, our operators can leverage technology to allow quicker and more direct access to their attractions, keeping up with their guests’ increased demand and expectations.

Go City: How has the pandemic recovery exacerbated this need?
Tom: We’ve continued to see incredible increases in booking volume through our Galaxy Connect platform, which has eclipsed pre-pandemic levels. The more purchases are made ahead of arrival; the less acceptable it is to have a guest wait in line at a ticket window or alternate access control point to exchange their ticket to access the attraction. Guests expect a frictionless experience to enter attractions now more than ever, and we need to provide technology that exceeds the guest’s expectations.

Go City: What is the biggest hesitation you see from attractions around implementing these solutions?
Tom: I don’t see much hesitation at all. Attractions are hungrier for technology and integrated solutions than ever, and we love to see the different ways they leverage the solutions we provide to improve the efficiency of their operations and bolster the guest experience. Like any other implementation, a combination of preparation and appropriate timing of the rollout with respect to any seasonality in operations is key to success. We’re eager to work with our operators interested in rolling out this and other new solutions we offer.

Go City: In the attractions industry, there’s rarely a once-size-fits-all solution. Is that the case with connectivity as well?
Tom: Connectivity needs to be easy, robust, and flexible; those attributes are always in mind as we architect a solution. You can design the most innovative and cutting-edge solution. Still, it won’t see high adoption if it can’t be deployed in an operator environment where equipment is running on intermittent Wi-Fi or a cellar network. A connected solution needs to fit the mold of the infrastructure it will be deployed in – and be robust enough to keep operations humming in the event of a lost connection.

Go City: What technology are you most excited about for the industry in the next five years?
Tom: Immersion. Guests want to be transported into a different world while visiting an attraction where they have become a part of the exhibit or experience that previously they would simply be looking at or walking through. Instead of a guest feeling like they are just visiting, they feel like they are part of the attraction, which creates a deeper connection with the attraction and their friends and family. Seeing what attractions have been able to do without the assistance of technology only makes me more excited to see how far they can take their experiences with a little bit of tech to assist.

Go City: What does this integration bring to our mutual customers?
Tom: This allows guests of our attractions to go directly to a Galaxy access control point for an expedited admissions process. Previously, guests would be directed to a dedicated Go City scanning station or have their Go City passes keyed into a browser-based admissions system. By having guests proceed directly to a Galaxy access control point, our attractions can streamline their admissions operation and reduce any additional access points utilizing hardware and software previously dedicated for Go City pass scanning.

Go City: What does the partnership with Go City bring?
Tom: In addition to improving the guest experience and attraction operations, this partnership is another reason for our attractions to leverage Galaxy Connect to manage and expand their sales channels efficiently. We also look forward to attracting new customers interested in integrated solutions backed by some of the most recognizable names in the industry.

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