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Gateway Ticketing Systems®, Inc. Gives 42 Awards for Remarkable Performance During Employee Recognition Presentation

Updated: January 30, 2023 | Share on LinkedIn

Gilbertsville, PA (January 25, 2023)  ̶  Gateway Ticketing Systems®, Inc., the world leader in ticketing, admission control and revenue-generating solutions within the attractions industry for over 30 years recently acknowledged some of its most outstanding people during its annual Employee Service Awards. This year’s honorees were chosen for their exceptional commitment to the Company’s values and their unwavering commitment to the success of the organization.

“Our employees are a quintessential part of our success and, as a leader, seeing their passion, drive and desire to see the Company and their colleagues succeed is inspiring.” said Gateway Ticketing Systems, Inc. President and CEO Michael Andre. “We truly have some of the best in the industry working with us at Gateway. Taking time to honor them during this ceremony is a privilege.”

The awards focus on impactful performance and accomplishments, in 2022, based on Gateway Ticketing Systems Core Value beliefs; observations and priceless encounters by leaders and colleagues; as well as a coveted recognition by the Company’s President & CEO. Each year, the ceremony is broken up into three main classifications—Core Value Awards, Polaris Awards and President’s Award—the recipients are truly a symbolic microcosm of the Gateway Ticketing Systems team.

Core Value Awards — The criteria within these categories are the essential and foundational tools that the Company has used to maintain its success for more than three decades. Recipients of these awards have displayed going above and beyond, in these areas, garnering notable accolades from their managers and colleagues.

Customer Care Award – This is bestowed to an employee who consistently exhibits exceptional performance of customer service in their delivery and presentation, allowing Gateway Ticketing Systems to forge a customer experience unrivaled in our industry. This year, two people within the Company were honored—Erik Kapilow and Jason Cloud.

Integrity Award – This is given to an employee who consistently exhibits strong character, honesty and fairness in all interactions with customers and peers. Three Gateway employees were given this award—Bill D’Angelo, John Patterson and Angela Izzo.

Passion Award – An employee who shows extraordinary dedication and enthusiasm for the company, mission and customers is given this honor. Three Gateway employees received this accolade—Hillary Rooker, Wes Moser and Matt Steckiel.

Accountability Award – This is presented to an employee who demonstrates a high level of ownership and responsibility in their work by seeing projects through to the end, meeting deadlines and maintaining the highest quality. This year, two people within the Company were honored—Rachel Shaw and Ted Mike.

Teamwork Award – An employee who demonstrates excellence in developing and sustaining cooperative and collaborative professional relationships is presented this award. Three Gateway employees were given this award—Tom Traegler, Norman Castor and Kori Richards.

Communication Award – This is obtained by an employee who consistently exhibits effective and concise communication. They always listen before reacting and always assume positive intent. Gateway gave two employees this award—Marcy Emory and Daniel Demkiv.

Innovation Award – An employee whose creative and radical ideas uphold Gateway’s status as a cutting edge and industry pioneer is the recipient of this award. This year there were two recipients of this award— Angela Izzo and David Lambert received this award.

Polaris Awards — Employees recognized with these awards are those who served as a shining example and guiding presence to their coworkers throughout the year.

Calm in the Eye of the Storm Award – This is given to an employee who is seemingly unperturbed during chaotic and high-pressure situations, delivering outstanding results with clarity and focus. Two employees were acknowledged with this award—Thomas McAree and Shawn Kramer.

Positive Vibes Award – An employee who motivates peers and keeps things positive through encouragement and humor and makes the workplace fun is given this award. Two Gateway employees received this award—Kevin Robinson and Katie Hull.

Outstanding Mentor Award – This is presented to an employee who is influential to others in meeting departmental objectives, mentoring or providing assistance for others, suggesting initiatives or changes that will support group productivity, investing in coaching and/or mentoring newer associates. This year, two employees within the organization were honored—Jen Porter and David Lambert.

Out of This World Performance Award – The employee who is considered the “A” Player and delivers phenomenal results on a daily basis, is well respected by their peers, and exemplifies all the core values while maintaining a positive outlook receives this award. Three members of the Gateway team received this award—Chad Wallace, Jarod Kulp and Ignacio Mosqueda.

Overcoming Obstacles Award – This is given to an employee who doggedly pursues goals despite adversity by finding a way to complete the mission regardless of unexpected challenges, limited resources or inflexible timelines. Gateway honored three employees with this award—Dana Amole Ronitz, Jenny Hoffman and Bon Soma.

Unsung Heroes Award – An employee who is in a non-customer facing role and whose behind-the-scenes support has a critical impact on the more highly visible operations of the company is the recipient of this award. Four Gateway employees received this award—Donna Walp, Linda Bush, Randy Tapson and Jen Butler.

Company Spirit Award – This is bestowed to an employee who exemplifies the company’s culture, mission and values in their interactions with customers and other employees. This year, Gateway acknowledged two employees in this category—Kelly Bules and Glen McWilliams.

Technical Excellence Award – An employee recognized in this category is someone who consistently displays excellence in problem solving, developing, or implementing challenging or complex issues, projects or applications. Three Gateway employees were given this award—Matt Steckiel, Dan Haviland and Jerry Burchard.

Rookie of the Year Award – This award is presented to the individual who started within the last year who, in a short period of time, has significantly impacted their team and the company with an all-star performance and game-changing potential. Gateway honored two employees with this award—Dan Sheehan and Lisa Hustej.

President’s Award —The President’s Award is a prestigious award given to an individual that exemplifies high performance, with significant personal achievement that drives substantial results. The award recipient embodies the Company’s Core Values in everything they do. This year’s recipients are Kori Richards and Matt Steckiel.

Gateway employs more than 140 employees, comprised of software developers, technical experts, IT resources, project managers, customer service representatives and other professionals in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. For more information on Gateway Ticketing Systems, Inc. and its products, visit

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