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Hardware Alert: NCR/Radiant Kiosks Going ‘End of Sale’

Updated: November 26, 2018 | Hardware | Share on LinkedIn

by Jerry Lake, integration manager

The NCR/Radiant kiosks that have dominated both the indoor and outdoor kiosk landscape for the last decade are approaching the end of their lifecycle. NCR will soon be announcing that effective this calendar year, the popular K602 (outdoor) and K652 (indoor) kiosks will officially be “end of sale.”

What does this mean to you?

NCR is no longer planning to manufacture the K652 (indoor) kiosk, effective immediately. They are planning a limited run of the K602 (outdoor) kiosk, which can be deployed indoors or outdoors. If you were considering adding another kiosk at your venue, and wanted it to have the same appearance as already-deployed units, contact your Gateway Ticketing Systems Business Solutions Manager soon. NCR must receive all orders for this kiosk by June 30, 2017 (NCR “last buy date”). Orders will be fulfilled by December 31, 2017 (NCR “last ship date”).

Why is this happening?

Some of the components inside the devices, such as the motherboard on the all-in-one touchscreen PC, are being discontinued by their manufacturers in the coming years.

NCR/Radiant KiosksHow does this affect support of existing kiosks?

NCR is currently stockpiling the unit’s components, and is expecting to be able to offer replacement parts through the RMA process through calendar year 2022, but that is an estimate based on the number of units in the field today and known component average failure rates. NCR plans to continue to support the devices through 2022, or until parts inventories are depleted, at which point the units will be considered “end of support.”

What is the suggested replacement unit for new kiosk sales?

NCR has a number of other indoor models, but at this time, is not offering an outdoor-rated kiosk that’s similar to the end-of-sale model. Aside from NCR, Gateway works with a variety of kiosk vendors and can help you find the perfect kiosk for your application, indoors or outdoors.

What are the next steps?

Contact your Business Solutions Manager today to discuss your best options and formulate a plan for the future.


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