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Little Canada Has Big Plans to Launch With Gateway Ticketing Systems as its Ticketing Provider

Updated: February 28, 2020 | Share on LinkedIn

Gilbertsville, PA (March 2, 2020) – Little Canada, set to open summer 2020 at 10 Dundas Street East Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has chosen Gateway Ticketing Systems® and their Galaxy® Ticketing and Admission Control software to provide a seamless purchase and admission experience for their guests.

Little Canada, one of the newest attractions in the heart of Toronto’s busiest entertainment districts, is set in a vast immersive experience spanning over 45,000 sq. ft of indoor space. Little Canada will take visitors on an adventurous journey through Canada in miniature, offering them a rare opportunity to explore and experience Canada’s expansive country in just a few short hours.

Employees in Operations and IT at Little Canada had positive experiences with Galaxy at a different site in the past. And they were convinced that Galaxy and Gateway were the right choice for the planned launch of their next endeavor.

In addition to Galaxy’s flagship ticketing and admission control functionality, Little Canada will also launch with membership/pass, photo ID, order entry, resource/capacity management, payment plans, stored value, upsell and F&B POS modules. At the end of March, they plan to go live with online sales using the eGalaxy Consumer Web Store and eGalaxy Group Sales features. They’ll use the Member Portal so guests can manage their memberships online. Reporting Plus and CRM Plus will enable the attraction to collect all the transactional data from their onsite and online channels and use it to make data driven business decisions and run targeted marketing campaigns.

Little Canada plans to go live with their onsite ticketing operations in July.

“It’s been a monumental year for Little Canada and it’s only getting bigger as we inch closer to our launch this summer,” says Patrick Leavey, Director, Guest Operations at Little Canada. “We are building everything, including our guest experience which begins with the purchase of a ticket. Online, or onsite, the all-in-one software solution from Gateway will be at the centre of our guest experience and will contribute to delivering a uniquely Canadian experience.”

“We’re proud to welcome such a unique attraction to the Gateway family,” says Peter Wolf, Director of Sales and Marketing at Gateway Ticketing Systems. “The fact that former Galaxy users have chosen the ticketing software for their next attraction is a testament to the robust feature set and reliable functionality of the solution. We can’t wait to watch Little Canada evolve and grow, and we’re really excited to see their next miniature destination.”

About Little Canada

Explore the natural beauty and cultural diversity of Canada in a whole new way. Little Canada takes you on a journey of discovery through Canada from the moment you pass through Little Canada customs. An immersive and interactive attraction showcasing Canada’s captivating vistas, landmarks and cityscapes in miniature scale, Little Canada aims to evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity about Canada. From Little Toronto to Little Golden Horseshoe, from Little Niagara to Petit Québec, a fascinating miniature destination lies around every corner – it’s an experience for all ages. To learn more about Little Canada and how you can become part of something small, visit

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