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Help Prepare Your Venue for the Full COVID Rebound

Updated: March 29, 2021 | Share on LinkedIn

After a year of much lower-than-normal ticketing software usage and the loss of many ticketing and guest experience team members, you want to be sure you’re best prepared for the influx of ticket sales and overall increased usage of your ticketing software that will accompany the COVID rebound.

So we’ve created a COVID Rebound Preparation Services Menu for attractions. We’ve outlined the key services and solutions you should be considering and leveraging right now in regards to your ticketing and guest experience solution. Your ticketing solution provider should offer these services as part of your standard agreement or as add-ons. They’ll help you get your team, your software, and your operations into tip-top shape so that you’re best prepared to welcome exponentially more guests through your gates as COVID restrictions relax.

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