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Steve Bell is Selected to Serve on the IAAPA North America Manufacturers and Suppliers Sub-Committee

Updated: March 14, 2019 | Share on LinkedIn

Gilbertsville, PA (March 14, 2019) – Steve Bell, Business Solutions Architect at Gateway Ticketing Systems, has been selected to serve on the prestigious IAAPA North America Manufacturers and Suppliers (M&S) Sub-committee.

Steve’s 17 years of attractions industry experience, including nine years with Gateway Ticketing Systems, gives him invaluable insight and will aid him in representing attractions industry suppliers and manufactures as well as the attractions market as a whole.

The M&S Committee chair, Jack Mendes, approved the appointment, and Steve will serve for a one-year term.

The IAAPA North America M&S Sub-committee is responsible for developing programs and providing services to engage attractions industry manufacturers and suppliers with the IAAPA message and mission. Committee members must be in good standing with IAAPA, and must have demonstrated proven performance in their field and a dedication to serving IAAPA and the attractions industry.

“I am honored to serve as part of the IAAPA Sub-committee,” said Steve. “With my experience in the attractions space, along with my ample experience in the exhibit and trade show industries, I hope to add value to such an amazing organization (IAAPA) that has served our industry for 100 years. I am excited to contribute under Jack Mendes and so many other industry veterans, and I look forward to tackling the challenges and making 2019 the best year possible.”

“Manufacturers and suppliers are an invaluable sector of our industry,” says IAAPA President and CEO, Hal McEvoy. “It’s essential that we have strong, experienced voices on our North America M&S Sub-committee. When our M&S members are best served by our programs and offerings, they can in turn best serve the attractions that comprise our association. We know Steve and the M&S Sub-committee will help IAAPA accomplish its mission of inspiring, growing and protecting the global attractions industry through member connections.”

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