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#TuesdayTalks June 11 (Thursday Edition): Online Queuing & Web Store Load Management

Updated: June 26, 2020 | Share on LinkedIn

Recorded Community Forum from Thursday, June 11:

We’ve been working very closely with our attraction customers as they get the green light to reopen. So we’ve seen it enough times now to know that when you announce your reopening date and put tickets on sale on your web store, you will see a BIG SURGE IN TRAFFIC to your web store from members/passholders and guests eager to return. And it’s a surge that can easily crash your site.

Our customers who already use Queue-it online queuing and/or web store load balancing to protect against these surges are reporting saved ticket sales and a positive online purchasing guest experience despite the drastic increase in traffic – a win-win for everyone.

So we pulled the community together to talk virtual queuing and load management. We had a representative from Gateway walk you through these concepts. Then our partners at Queue-it gave an overview of their online queuing platform and explained how it can help.

You will need to use your Customer Portal login to access the recording. If you don’t have credentials, just email to request access.


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