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Two Gateway Ticketing Employees Make Prestigious “Power 10” List of Theme Park Influencer

Published: October 27, 2020 | Share on LinkedIn

Gilberstville, PA (October 27, 2020) – Randy Josselyn and Matthew Hoenstine from Gateway Ticketing Systems® have been named to the prestigious Blooloop Power 10 Theme Park Influencer List. They were specifically recognized for spearheading Gateway’s award-winning Webinar Wednesdays series which was created in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2020, the third annual Blooloop 50 and Power 10 Theme Park Influencer List took on a new meaning. As the publication put it: “2020 has been a challenging year for the theme park business as COVID-19 has devastated the attractions industry. Many parks have suffered irreparable damage, some have closed for good and those that are still standing are feeling their way, adjusting to the ‘new normal’. So this year, Blooloop set out to celebrate creativity and expertise within the industry, with a special focus on individual responses to the COVID crisis.

When coronavirus hit the larger global industry in Q1 2020, Gateway’s customers started closing. Revenue flow had stopped. They were letting staff go. They were lost and scrambling. Gateway needed a way to reach them quickly to give them the tools they needed to react.

Randy and Matthew turned around our first webinar in mere days. It was just for their customers, and it was about solutions in Gateway’s Galaxy® ticketing and guest experience software that could help with COVID related issues. Over 200 people attended, and there was a clear call for another webinar. The next Wednesday, they discussed extending memberships and doing bulk order returns – two more COVID needs that had become apparent during that week. Even more customers showed up.

So they decided they needed to open the webinars to the entire industry. And Webinar Wednesdays was born: a weekly (and now bi-weekly) webinar series that helps attractions deliver their best Guest Experience now and when they reopen, despite coronavirus. Since the series started, Randy and Matthew have reached upwards of 800 industry professionals at a time each week.

Randy and Matthew have tackled topics like transitioning to capacity management and revenue generating ideas while you’re closed, to pricing strategies and retraining your staff. Their combined industry experience gives them the expertise to offer advice and accurately predict where the industry is headed. Their connections have put experts in front of the attractions professionals who need to hear from them. And their comprehensive industry updates aggregate what’s happening right now to help attractions learn from each other.

“Randy and Matthew have directly helped thousands of people and hundreds of attractions survive this pandemic,” says Peter Wolf, Director of Sales and Marketing at Gateway. “And what people didn’t get to see is the hours they spent brainstorming topics and ideas, the countless Tuesdays spent perfecting the delivery, the late nights tweaking slides, and the last minute scrambling to get a panelist onboard because they had something super relevant to say that needed to be delivered ASAP.”

“If you want to talk about true influence on the industry in 2020, then you have to have Randy Josselyn and Matthew Hoenstine top of mind,” says Greg Banecker, Sr. Marketing Manager at Gateway and Co-Producer of the Webinar Wednesdays series. “Week-in and week-out, they had their boots on the ground speaking directly to the industry folks that were being hardest hit by this pandemic. You should see the emails of appreciation we get every week. This awards is incredibly well-deserved.”

You can reach out directly to Randy or Matthew, or send a congratulatory message to To see them in action on an upcoming Webinar Wednesday, visit Gateway’s webinars page.

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