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Upcoming #TuesdayTalks: February 16 – March 23

Updated: February 17, 2021 | Share on LinkedIn

#TuesdayTalks are designed just for Galaxy users and dive into a particular feature, function or use case to give you a more in-depth understanding of the solution. Then we encourage attendees to share their own successes (or failures) on that particular subject so that we can all learn from each other. Here is our upcoming schedule.

Tuesday, February 16 #TuesdayTalks: Galaxy
11:00 AM EST

Join us this Tuesday as we provide an overview of the latest Galaxy maintenance release ( and the recent improvements that can help your Galaxy Guest Experience solution run more smoothly.


Tuesday, February 23 #TuesdayTalks: Web Store Fraud Prevention
In an attempt to accommodate Galaxy users from across the US and across the world, we are testing out a new time just for this Tuesday (Noon EST instead of 11 AM). Let us know your thoughts!

We understand that your web store is likely the primary, or only, means of selling tickets and memberships/passes right now, and that leaves your site and your store more vulnerable to fraud attempts. So this Tuesday, we want to discuss the ins and outs of eGalaxy Fraud Protection, as well as demonstrate some new improvements to the eGalaxy Web Store regarding fraud protection, like reCAPTCHA and Payment Transaction Fraud Velocity Checks.


Tuesday, March 2 #TuesdayTalks: CRM+ Community Forum
11:00 AM  EST

This Tuesday is our monthly get-together of CRM+ users and general CRM enthusiasts where we discuss best practices and real life scenarios for using a CRM to deliver a personalized guest experience.


Tuesday, March 9 #TuesdayTalks: Deep Dive into the Member Portal & Loqate Address Validation Service
11:00 AM  EST

This Tuesday, we wanted to take some time to show you two features in Galaxy we absolutely love: The Online Member Portal, and Loqate.

The Online Member Portal, a solution offered through the eGalaxy Web Store, allows passholders to purchase additional passes and perks, renew their passes, and update their passes, as well as redeem benefits. From the Online Member Portal, passholders can manage every aspect of their accounts, and customers can create custom pages with information, downloadable content, and exclusive offers for their passholders.

The Loqate Capture+ Address Validation integration, available in Galaxy 7.8, gives a site the ability to streamline their data entry processes while increasing accuracy by validating key demographic data when it’s entered by a guest during checkout, or by an attendant at a POS.


Tuesday, March 16 #TuesdayTalks: New Program & Experience Development
11:00 AM  EST

This Tuesday, by special request from someone in our customer community, we’re discussing a process that many of you engage in on a regular basis: Developing new programs and experiences that need to be sold through Galaxy and the eGalaxy Web Store.

Often (but not always) the teams creating a new program or experience don’t have an understanding of how Galaxy, the web store, or the reporting platform function. So inevitably, after building and testing in staging, and then building in the live environment, someone will come with changes needed that require a completely different configuration of COA, Capacity Management, Access Code, Sales Program, etc.

So we want to hear from you about how your teams collaborate and communicate across sales, marketing and operations to create a plan that doesn’t need to consistently be revisited because of frustration and misunderstanding along the way. We’ll share some best practices we’ve learned along the way as well.


Tuesday, March 23 #TuesdayTalks: Virtual Release Notes – What’s New in our Latest Release
11:00 AM  EST

We’re testing out a new #TuesdayTalks series where we highlight the latest fixes we’ve worked on in Galaxy and let you know when and how they can be available to your attraction. It’s called Virtual Release Notes, and it’s coming to you this Tuesday.


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