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Want to Know What Your Guests Are Thinking Right Now? Gateway Ticketing is Holding a Webinar For That

Published: May 11, 2020 | Share on LinkedIn

Gilbertsville, PA (May 11, 2020) – Gateway Ticketing Systems®, the world leader in ticketing, admission control, revenue generation and expert consulting for the attractions industry, will be holding the ninth installment of their Webinar Wednesdays series on Wednesday, May 13 at 2:00 PM EST, titled: What Are Your Consumers Saying – An Inside Look at Recent Industry Surveys.

“Just like you, we’ve been following the industry news and seen the reports of high-profile attractions running consumer surveys to collect the sentiments of their guests,” says Randy Josselyn, co-host of Gateway’s Webinar Wednesdays series. “The goals of the surveys span the gamut, but congregate around one key theme – it’s about asking the questions we all want answered: When we reopen, what will make guests feel safe and comfortable enough to return? When will they return? What are they willing to pay? And what experiences are they expecting?”

“Understandably so, we don’t have full access to the results of these surveys,” says Peter Wolf, Director of Sales and Marketing at Gateway Ticketing Systems. “But, we do have relationships with the insights and analytics organizations that are running these surveys. So we decided to bring some of them together for an industry discussion. While they can’t cite all the results of their respective surveys, they’ll be able to report out on the trends they are seeing and answer many of the questions we all have.”

Gateway will have a representative from BVA BDRC, which released a report tracking the consumer sentiments on the impact of COVID-19. They’ll also have a representative from Decision House, who collected consumer sentiment for the Association of Leading Visitor Attraction’s (ALVA) Recovery Tracker in the UK.

“If you want to know what your guests are thinking right now in terms of what they expect from you when you reopen, this is the webinar for you,” concludes Randy. “We’re aiming to help attractions that don’t have the time or resources to solicit the opinions of their guests. And for the attractions that have already done this, we want to provide a place to have new and different questions answered, and even hear from them during the webinar.”

Attendees can register for the webinar by following this link.

Watch the Recording from Last Week’s Webinar on Pricing

Last week, Gateway Ticketing tackled a GIANT reopening topic in their eighth installment of their Webinar Wednesdays series: Pricing.

Should attractions reopen with lower prices for memberships/passes and general admission if they can’t offer the full experience due to social distancing and cleanliness guidelines?

Or, should they charge the exact same prices as they did before closures, since prices have been developed over years of adjustments to optimize revenue vs expenses and the experience being offered?

Or, do they need to raise prices to compensate for lower capacity, but perhaps offer a more VIP experience so the value is still there?

The webinar has opinions and supporting arguments for each case from operators and expert pricing consultants, including a first hand account of reopening week from Utah’s Hogle Zoo, which opened their gate again on May 2nd. The panelists also discussed different ways to add value to the guest experience to increase demand and increase revenue or margin. The webinar was recorded, and you can access the recording right here.

Listen to Randy Josselyn on the AttractionsPros Podcast

Randy Josselyn, the cohost of Gateway’s Webinar Wednesdays series, also shared his expertise on topics beyond the COVID-19 response on the 140th episode of the AttractionPros Podcast with Josh Liebman and Matt Heller.

Randy spoke about empowering your employees, what he does when he visits other facilities when he’s “not working”, and having fun in the industry we love. During a time when we’ve all had a singular focus on the challenges of coronavirus, Randy and the AttractionPros team strike a welcomed balance between the need to continue to respond to COVID-19 and the lighthearted nature of our industry which attracted us all in the first place.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

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