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Recorded Webinar Wednesday from March 3, 2021: Learning From Other Industries

Updated: March 15, 2021 | Share on LinkedIn

We all know that the success of our attractions is co-dependent on the success of other companies in our much larger leisure and hospitality space – especially during the pandemic.

So for this Webinar Wednesday, Matthew and Randy thought it would useful to hear from professionals that operate in our larger industry, but that don’t work for attractions. So they spoke with Algernon Callier, Head of Business Development at, and Ala Battikhi, Principal at North Highland.

Both Algernon and Ala, based in the greater Orlando area, work closely with attractions and other leisure and hospitality organizations (think hotels, restaurants, events, etc.) to innovate and succeed during the COVID pandemic and beyond. Their unique experiences helped us understand what they’ve seen in other industries that can benefit our own. We recorded the webinar and you can watch it right here.

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