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Webinar Wednesday March 3, 2021: Learning From Other Industries

Published: February 22, 2021 | Share on LinkedIn

Webinar on Wednesday, March 3 at 2 PM EST

We all know that our attractions industry is part of the much larger leisure and hospitality industry, and that the success of our venues is often co-dependent on the success of other companies in our wider space – especially during the pandemic.

We rely on hotels and restaurants in the area to maintain a safe and healthy environment, so our guests have a comfortable place to stay and dine. We may even rely on separately owned lodging and dining options in-venue to drive a positive guest experience. Then there’s airlines, car rentals, taxis, Ubers and public transportation which we need to be reliable and safe to deliver guests to our gates. Add in retail locations, live events, and other ancillary services that support guests in easily accessing and enjoying our attractions, and you see that we operate in an interdependent web of separate but symbiotic relationships.

So we thought it would useful to hear from professionals that operate in our larger industry, but that don’t work for attractions. Randy and Matthew are going to find out what they’ve learned about operating safely and successfully during the pandemic and how we can translate some of those learnings into best practices for our own operations.

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