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Webinar Wednesdays July 21, 2021: What Do I Do With All My Guest Data?

Updated: March 18, 2022 | Share on LinkedIn

Webinar on Wednesday, July 21 at 2 PM EDT (Rescheduled from June 30)

COVID may have decreased our attendance, but it has arguably increased the amount of information and data we can collect about our guests.

Increased or exclusive usage of our web store to purchase tickets and memberships/passes. Required reservations. Timed tickets and capacity limits. More and different promotions to drive attendance. More and different perks for our most loyal guests. The list goes on. And all of these tactics create more and different data points that we can collect in our ticketing and guest experience solutions and use to help make decisions.

We’ll be speaking with Angie Judge from Dexibit, a company that helps attractions collect and understand big data analytics about their visitors. She’ll help us understand a lot about the data we collect. How can we properly collect it? What are the right tools? How can we best represent this data so it’s relevant and recognizable? And how can we use it to have a positive impact on our operations and business goals? We’ll see you there.

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