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Recorded Webinar Wednesdays from May 12, 2021: The Future of Reservations & Dynamic Pricing

Updated: March 18, 2022 | Share on LinkedIn

Are reservations here to stay at our attractions? Most likely. At least through the remainder of 2021, and potentially beyond that. This is due to several factors. Capacity limits are still in place, and could potentially stay through the rest of the year. Attractions have also realized that reservation policies offer great revenue opportunities. We’ve seen that guests are willing to pay more for exclusive experiences. Or that Members/Passholders are willing to pay more for the right to first access of limited capacity spots.

But of course, with reservations and limited capacity, we need to keep a strict focus on increasing our per-caps to make up for the decrease in guest volume. That’s where dynamic pricing comes in. More and more attractions are turning to dynamic pricing as a way to charge more for products, services, visitation days or experiences based on demand.

And that’s what we covered during our May 12, 2021 Webinar Wednesdays. We had a panel of attractions industry professionals who, like you, are working through their own reservations and potential dynamic pricing strategies. They shared what they’ve learned and considered and gave us tangible ideas to bring back to our attraction. We recorded the webinar and you can watch it here.


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