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Zoos South Australia Selects Galaxy Product Suite for Ticketing Solution

Updated: June 5, 2016 | New Customers | Share on LinkedIn

VTicket, the Australian and New Zealand value-added reseller for Gateway Ticketing Systems, wins the appointment

Gilbertsville, PA (January 7, 2016) – VTicket recently won the appointment by Zoos South Australia to provide Gateway Ticketing Systems Galaxy® Product Suite to its two locations. A charitable conservation society, Zoos South Australia runs both Adelaide Zoo, Australia’s second-oldest zoo, and Monarto Zoo, Australia’s largest open-range zoo.

“We look forward to working closely with Gateway/VTicket to ensure our guests are provided with the best possible customer service experience and visitor experience at Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Zoo,” says Danielle Garvey, Zoos South Australia’s Manager Visitor Experience.

Zoos South Australia appointed Strategy at Work, IT strategy and architecture consultants, to guide the improvement of the systems supporting business operations including booking, ticketing and retail. An extensive, rigorous, global Expression of Interest and Request for Proposal process was undertaken to identify the most suitable business system partner for Zoos South Australia.

VTicket’s proposal, which was focused on improvements to the visitor experience, operational efficiency and overall value to Zoos South Australia was accepted unanimously by the selection team. VTicket’s proposal to implement a solution based on the Galaxy® Product Suite was selected based on its proven track record in the world’s leading attractions as well as having successful implementations in Australia.

“We were impressed by VTicket’s enthusiastic, outcome-oriented team, which aligns well with the team at Zoos South Australia,” says Lindsay Whitebread, Strategy at Work’s Consulting Partner. Strategy at Work will continue to work with Zoos South Australia and VTicket throughout the implementation phase of the project.

In the first phase, going live March 2016, Zoos South Australia will use the Galaxy® Product Suite for point-of-sale including membership and annual passes, order entry, the new responsive design eGalaxy™ Web Store and Galaxy Connect™, a single-point integration that simplifies and expands supplier-to-distributor and venue-to-venue ticket sales. VTicket will use Galaxy Connect™ to connect to V3’s Open Booking Exchange (OBX™) branded Tourism Exchange Australia, the industry leader in travel exchange technology. “This is a significant development for all involved and we are confident that it will be a great success,” says Stephen Wells, Executive Director – Marketing of V3. In the second phase scheduled to launch June 2016, Zoos South Australia will implement features of the Galaxy® Product Suite that increase guest loyalty and satisfaction including debit and stored value cards.

“With our new ticketing solution, we are demanding a high level of capabilities and service. We know that VTicket, Gateway and the Galaxy® Product Suite will deliver on these expectations,” says Garvey.

“We clearly understand and addressed the full scope of Zoos South Australia’s needs,” says Clare Coyne, VTicket’s Senior Project Manager. “We see this as an opportunity to not only provide excellence in ticketing and access control but to drive customer satisfaction to new and previously unreached levels.”

Enabling Zoos South Australia to make this essential ticketing system purchase is their principal partner Westpac.

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