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Kelly Bules, one of our Business Solutions Managers, works permanently from home in New Orleans, Louisiana. So while many of us are new to a long-term work from home situation, Kelly has been doing it for years. As with everything, she acknowledges, there is no one way to do things, but here is some sage advice from someone who has been doing this for quite some time.

1 Create a Work Space
Somewhere comfortable and conducive to working. Organize it to suit your needs so that you just need to start your laptop up each morning. Please note – your bed will not work for this time frame.

2 Determine a Routine for Your Day
Decide a structure for each day and stick to it. What time will you get up? What time will you have lunch/breaks? This also ties into the next tip.

3 Shower and GET DRESSED Every Day
Wake up, workout (if that’s your thing), but shower and get dressed each day. You don’t have to put on business attire but put on clean clothes and prep to work. The reason for this – see tip #4.

4 Use Video Chat Whenever Possible
Skype, Teams and other conferencing services work fine with or without video, but SEEING people and being seen makes it much easier to focus and not lose human connection.

5 Take a Lunch Break
Preferably somewhere else in the house away from your work space. Lunch takes on a whole new meaning when you WFH. It might mean putting in a load of laundry, prepping dinner, walking the dog, or taking a TV break – but do it – because…

6 Set Work Boundaries
It’s hard to set boundaries when your office is at home. Do your best. Don’t overwork because it’s right there. Get up. Walk around. Do jumping jacks. Step outside. Whatever you need to clear your head.

7 Set Family Boundaries
If you have family/children staying home with you, have a chat with them to explain the circumstances and what’s expected.

Also, noise cancelling headphones are a gift from above. Working from home is awesome, but it can be lonely and draining and distracting long term if you’re not careful!

Oh, one more thing – no shoes, ever. Who needs them?!

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