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As the world leader in point-of-sale, revenue management and admission control solutions for the attraction industry, Gateway partners with more than 450 customers worldwide. Our core product suite is our Galaxy software that includes ticketing, retail and food POS, membership, reservations, and kiosk and online sales functionality.

Galaxy Connect is the latest extension of our product suite built specifically to provide a single integration point for distributors to access the Gateway supplier base, enabling gate-ready tickets via mobile delivery.

Attractions and distributors that use Galaxy Connect enjoy:

  • One integration (distributors can reach all attractions using Galaxy software and attractions can connect with any number of online travel agencies)
  • Elimination of the cumbersome and time-consuming voucher process
  • Selling of live tickets to capacity-managed events with no risk of overselling
  • Improved guest satisfaction by allowing consumers to bypass box office ticket lines and go directly to the entrance

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