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Keep Your Web Store Running at Peak Performance

When your customers want to purchase tickets online, they expect a secure and reliable experience.

We’ve designed a range of hosting tiers that provide you and your customers with dependable service even during periods of high demand such as a special marketing promotion.

Benefits of our web hosting and load balancing services include:

  • Stable performance – we offer 24.7.365 network monitoring to ensure reliable service. Have a big event coming up? We’ll handle load balancing for you to ensure fast response time and maximized throughput.
  • Secure environment – our hosting facility has 24-hour internal and external video surveillance, 24.7.365 facility monitoring including strictly enforced security procedures and true three-factor security.
  • Reduced risk – protect yourself against a security breach. Our solution alleviates your web-related PCI compliance requirements.
  • Free up your in-house IT staff and hardware resources – we’ll maintain the servers, load balancers, firewalls and related security measures for you.
  • Ongoing maintenance and upgrades – we’ll handle these tasks so you can focus on your guest experience.
  • Design updates & analytics reporting – Though these services are available via separate service agreements, it’s important to know that we can be your in-house agency and make any graphic updates for you to ensure a seamless experience from your main website to your web store. You can also receive monthly website analytics so you can evaluate the effectiveness of your web store and make informed decisions.

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