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Gain a 360 Degree View of Each Guest and Personalize Every Visit Using CRM

By collecting data from every guest interaction with your venue and using it to better understand the behaviors and motivations of each guest, you can provide them with a more enjoyable and more personalized guest experience (and increase your revenue at the same time). We published a whitepaper called Made-to-Measure Excitement that helps outline how a CRM could help facilitate these personalized experiences.

Our solution, CRM Plus | Powered by Galaxy, captures all the data from your Galaxy point-of-sale solution and enables you to develop powerful marketing campaigns.

  • Powerful reporting, segmentations and visualization of data. For example, CRM Plus would allow you to easily pull any guest whose membership/pass is expiring in one month. Or, any guest who visited several times in a given time period and would be a good candidate to purchase a membership/pass. The possibilities are endless.
  • Workflow engines that allow for automated triggered interactions, so you could automatically send a renewal email to anyone whose membership/pass expires in a month. Or a membership/pass sales email to anyone who has frequently visited. You could also send automatic welcome emails after purchase, or follow-up surveys after exit.
  • Web-based and/or Outlook-integrated access.
  • Easy integration with third-party software to provide additional focused capabilities such as email marketing, social listening and donor management.

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