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Personalize Every Visit Using CRM

You already collect a wealth of data about your guest during their purchase process. CRM Plus | Powered by Galaxy® lets you leverage that data to serve them better and boost your revenue. By collecting data from every guest interaction with your venue and using it better to understand the behaviors and motivations of each guest, you can provide them with a more enjoyable and personalized guest experience (and increase your revenue simultaneously).

It’s Your Data; Unlock its True Power.

  • Unleash powerful segmentations and visualization of data about your guests.
  • Automate workflows and communications with guests.

Here are some examples of what you can do with CRM Plus | Powered by Galaxy®:

  • Direct guests that have entered today to the concession area with a coupon code to alleviate attraction congestion.
  • Send out after admission surveys to guests.
  • Remind passholders of an upcoming renewal date or passholder appreciation event.
  • Send field trip reminders or suggested lesson plans to teachers before they arrive.

Check out our whitepaper, called Made-to-Measure Excitement, for more information on how that helps outline how a CRM could help facilitate these personalized guest experiences.

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