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Food and Beverage

Facilitate Staff Training and Cross-Promotion

By unifying your point-of-sale systems (ticketing, food and beverage, and retail), you’ll experience numerous operational advantages.

  • Simplify staff training – by only learning one point-of-sale system, employees can move seamlessly from the front gate to your eateries to serve customers during peak needs
  • Gain visibility into per-capita spending – track guest spending from ticketing to food sales and retail purchases
  • Gather business intelligence – make informed business decisions including developing robust cross-promotions
  • Develop effective loyalty programs – determine guest preferences to target programs specific to their wants and needs

Our Galaxy food and beverage point-of-sale solution features:

  • Simple interface – a full-color graphical menu makes it easy to quickly add items to an order including customization of menu items such as holding pickles or adding onions
  • Quick sales and discounting – via touchscreen, barcode scan or keyboard entry
  • Flexible price scheduling – set up and manage your food prices based on day and time
  • Back-office configuration – to quickly apply changes across all point-of-sale terminals
  • Combination tickets – guests can enjoy the convenience of one ticket that provides their admittance, a meal and even a special souvenir

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