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Source Your Hardware with Us to Ensure Optimal Performance

Choosing the right equipment for your venue can optimize your operational efficiency, improve the guest experience and make your staff’s days easier.

All equipment options have been thoroughly tested for quality performance with our Galaxy point-of-sale ticketing and admission control software. Additionally, we evaluate all hardware to ensure high performance in a range of conditions including temperature extremes.

We work directly with hardware manufacturers as well as global suppliers to ensure peak performance and competitive pricing. When you purchase your point-of-sale terminals, kiosks and other equipment from us and have us install the software for you, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your equipment will operate right out of the box.

Additional benefits of procuring your hardware equipment from us includes:

  • Faster transactions – top-quality hardware helps cut down on transaction times including ticket printing
  • Variety of point-of-sale systems – from desktop PCs with expanded ports to sleek, self-contained, space-saving designs, we provide options to provide the most effective setup for your venue
  • High-quality tickets and photo IDs – quickly print tickets with high-resolution graphics right at your point-of-sale using reliable thermal printing; our recommended printers feature automatic paper loading and deliver faster throughput, increased reliability and lower maintenance
  • Accurate barcode scanners – omni-directional readers scan barcodes placed anywhere on the ticket, uni-directional scanners can be used for focused scanning in your retail locations

Other supplies available include:

  • Ticket stock – we can work with you to design your own ticket stock and provide guests with tickets worthy of scrapbooks and lasting memories
  • PVC cards – ideal for annual passholders and members

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