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Streamline Employee Training and Effectively Cross-Promote

Using one point-of-sale system for your ticketing, food and beverage, and retail operations will only improve your operational efficiency.

  • Easier staff training – when employees only have to learn one point-of-sale system, they can easily move around your facility to meet guest demand
  • Accurate per-capita tracking – capture your revenue-generating data in one system to easily report on guest spending
  • Informed business decisions – arm your team with comprehensive data to develop more effective promotions

Our Galaxy retail point-of-sale solution features:

  • Full-color interface – a customizable touchscreen makes it easy for cashiers to ring up items for faster customer checkout
  • Efficient sales and discounting – can be completed with the push of a button, barcode scan or keyboard entry
  • Back-office configuration – enables you to quickly apply changes across all point-of-sale terminals

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