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Empower Your Team with Training

Providing your team with the knowledge and confidence necessary to support and innovate with your Galaxy software is the best way to positively impact your guest experience and bottom line. Our Learning Solutions provide a variety of robust programs that can be customized to fit your needs.

Knowledge Base
Gateway’s Knowledge Base enables customers to quickly search Galaxy documentation and see possible answers to assist with support of the software. This searchable, online documentation provides step-by-step assistance for configuration, common resolutions to issues as well as sample operational scenarios.

Learning Portal
With a Learning Portal subscription, System Administrators can walk through a series of interactive e-learning presentation of configuration options and examples. Our catalog of self-paced courses ranges from basic system setup to advanced configuration. Course offerings include topics for system administrators, finance personnel, end-user cashiers and more. Learn more here.

Customized Training with an Instructor
For training needs not covered by the foundations in our self-paced courses, or for more immediate training needs that can’t be addressed by our Galaxy System Administrator Certification Program, Gateway offers custom instructor-led training. After a brief needs analysis call, the Gateway instructor will design a training plan that can include an onsite visit, remote online sessions, suggested self-paced courses, or all of the above.

  • Flexibility: We can design and deliver instructor-led Galaxy training for nearly any audience, content area and time frame.
  • Personal attention: For learners without a technical background, the Gateway instructor can provide more practice and allot more time for questions.
  • Best practice: Experience and research has shown us that people learn best with a combination of self-paced and instructor-led training, with practice sessions spaced out over time.

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